TDB data will be analyzed by methods developed in the new research fields including Econophysics. Business activities and life-cycles of firms will be described by basic models defined on the multi-layered networks. Potential fragility of the networks will be surveyed and economic growth scenarios for local industries will be simulated. Intensive attention will be paid on evaluation of various risks to answer the requirement of Basel III for banks.


Research Topics

  1. Time Evolution of Multi-layered BtoB Network Structure
  2. Transport Models on Multi-layered BtoB Networks
  3. Extraction of Potential Risk Factors and Modeling of Bankruptcy
  4. Quantification of Network Fragility and Stability of Regional Economy
  5. Description and Characterization of Growth Process of Firms
  6. Evaluation of Value-Added Ratios Based on BtoB Transaction Data
  7. Simulation Study on Attraction of Firms for Activation of Regional Economy
  8. Estimation of Transaction Volumes Using Optimal Algorithm